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sawyer's dog Hubei, Jishou 2017
Sawyer’s Dog, Jishou, Hubei (Erickson 2017) (cc with attribution)

This is a place for Ken Genku Cleland Erickson to store:

•. academic things in anthropology and contemporary ethnography,

•  information on Genku’s stoneware pottery (and work for sale).

If you are looking for a rug, you need the site, which is not mine.

My CV is at the University of South Carolina’s Darla Moore School of Business Website.  You can find stuff I’ve written in edited books about immigrants, meat packing, and business anthropology.  You can find other things scattered around like leaves from an old Sweet Gum tree, in the Journal of Anthropology and Business, and in odd corners of a dusty library here and there. I suppose I should put them all together in a tidy page like a good academic.

I am not a good academic.

I’m a practitioner, so my stuff is ephemeral, presented in powerpoints as stories and videos to kind people who work for big companies, people who want to know how other people different from them cook, eat, shop, worship, raise kids, and generally live their lives.  Ethnographers like me do fieldwork to answer such questions. And I also teach at the University of South Carolina.

And, I throw pots and visit potters when I travel for my employer.  So buy some pots.

Through August, pottery sale proceeds go to Yokoji Zen Mountain Center, a Sōtō Zen Buddhist training center in Southern California that could use a little extra dough to keep the place in shape while Covid is keeping training residents mostly away.